WATCH_DOGS box art revealed

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Forbes has some insight into WATCH_DOGS’s official box art. Without further ado, here is what it’ll look like:

The PS4 header on the image is a fan creation; the game has already been confirmed to be available on current-gen consoles and PC, although it’s been touted as a “next-gen adventure” and will be available as a launch title on the PS4 as well.


Here’s one more piece of (potential, unconfirmed) box art. We don’t know much about it, but we thought it looked cool:

PS4 announcement event footage

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Here is some new footage of WATCH_DOGS, from Sony’s Playstation 4 announce event on Feb 20th 2013.

The PS4 will be available for “Holidays 2013″ and WATCH_DOGS is slanted to be a launch title.

Funny thing is, although this is a PS4 announcement event mixed with new WATCH_DOGS footage, the gameplay is confirmed to be running on a high-end PC, and not on any sort of hardware by Sony.


Here’s the same video, but with an added commentary track by WATCH_DOGS’s creative director

E3 2012 gameplay footage

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This is the fantastic gameplay demo presented at E3 2012 that got us hooked on WATCH_DOGS. Several gameplay mechanics are shown.